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Feature #1

Access Contacts

Dont get locked out of your contact ,access all your contacts info on your mobile phones after unlocking the screen using the software

Feature #2

Phone Info

Being able to unlock a password protected cell phone screen will grant you full access to all the information on that mobile device

Feature #3


Unlocking the cell screen will give you access to see and read all sent and received messages on your mobile device

Feature #4

Apps and Downloads

Access to all the apps and other downloads on your cell phone after unlocking the screen or install new apps on the software

Feature #5

Spy Friends / Family

Spy your friend's phone by hacking and gaining full access to their locked phone to make sure they are not communicating with people they are not supposed to .

Feature #6

Change Password

Once your locked phone is unlocked, you can then go to settings and change the password to something easy for you to remember

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This software is supposed to help break into any mobile phone device that is password protected. You just plug the phone to your computer and run the software to unlock. This can be used on most all mobile phone devices and the software does not install anything on your mobile device it just unlocks the screen for you.


Download the software to your computer, no installations needed


COnnect your phone to your computer and run the software you download :UnlockScreen.exe


Once the software opens, click on the button that says " Unlock SCreen" to unlock



"Forget the debate around the security or insecurity of the iPhone 5s’s fingerprint reader. The latest version of the iPhone’s operating system currently offers a gaping hole in its old-fashioned passcode lockscreen.



"Vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS lock screens have become a fixture of new iOS releases over the past few years, and iOS 7 is not exempt. A new method for bypassing the passcode on a lock screen has been discovered by idle hands and reported byForbes’ Andy Greenberg..”


"Using Brute Force to Bypass the iPhone Lock Screen
These results are staggering, because according to this study, these ten codes are used by 1 out of 7 iPhone users. Merely attempting these 10 passcodes gives you a pretty high chance of getting into someone's iPhone..”